hello, spriggan!

art & curiosities by Leigh Ann Gagnon

October went so fast! My goal was to work every day on artwork for a calendar. I ultimately wasn’t able to do every day (a lot of migraines this month, and other responsibilities) but I made a lot of progress, was consistent about drawing when I did feel well, and am really happy with that! Aside from the artwork I’m also doing the behind the scenes work of laying out the calendar and testing paper.

I wanted to use this as an opportunity to seriously try out using colored pencil for my line work, rather than ink. At first, it was a struggle just because it was different. I’ve been using black pen for my lines as long as I’ve been drawing Spriggans, so it’s hard for me to tell if my discomfort during the drawing process is “this looks bad” versus “this looks different.” I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with it now, though, and love the look! I’m using brown pencil, and it gives the drawing a warmth and texture that the black ink doesn’t.

Inking has always been an anxiety-inducing part of the process for me, and I didn’t realize I was letting it hold me back from finishing art until I switched over to pencil.

I had the idea for this series five years ago and got the first six pieces completed, then we moved house and had kids and I never got back to it. It’s been exciting to revisit the idea and change the compositions around. 🌱 A good friend and I were talking recently about creativity and how important & necessary but also undervalued it is to let ideas incubate. At first, letting this project go unfinished felt like such a failure. But now it feels really exciting!

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