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We had our first light frosts this week and the garden is looking about done! The days have been cool and lovely, and I’ve been scurrying around trying to get my last few perennials planted. I’m also scattering wildflower seed so that it comes up first thing in the spring.

Hosta, foxglove, ferns, bleeding heart, columbine, iris, ajuga, violets

There’s a little corner under our bedroom window that I decided to focus on this year; there’s a lot of planting and landscaping on my to-do list, but I thought having one spot done, especially one that I see every day from the bedroom & walk past to the front door, would be motivating. It’s a funny spot that gets a mix of sun and shade throughout the day, the roof overhangs part of it so it doesn’t get rained on evenly, and I had to leave a path to access the inlet for our oil tank.

I harvested the last of the carrots and radishes, and a few more mini eggplant. The parsley is still looking amazing (it likes cooler temps) so I’ll keep harvesting as needed as long as it lasts.

Fun trick for flavorful leafy things like parsley: you can make it into pesto the same way you do basil, and freeze in ice cube trays to use all winter.

I’m working on another post about the veggies I grew this year, where I got them, and final thoughts.

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