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We put up a 4×8’ raised bed for growing veggies this year and it’s been so awesome! I’ve already harvested the first batch of radishes and am going to start another crop this week.

A few stand-out varieties:

  • Easter Egg radishes: They only took 3 weeks to grow & could be sown thickly/thinned out as needed, which was ideal as I could just pop down and steal a few at a time whenever I wanted. The flavor was mildly peppery, just so delicious (especially the purple ones!) 10/10, these will be a must-have every year.

  • ‘Alaska’ Nasturtium: Variegated foliage, bright yellow and red flowers, super peppery! I’ve got a whole row in the raised bed and some scattered through the bed alongside our driveway. It’s overkill, I overestimated how much I’d be using! But they’re still pretty.

  • ‘Melissa’ Lavender: One of my favorite lavender varieties, with white flowers that fade to pale pink.

  • ‘Walker’s Low’ Catmint: Another longtime favorite, for both me & the pollinators.

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