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This is our go-to most nights. Hilarious!

Stranger Things, Season 4 Episodes 1-4

We’re slowly working our way through! Finding this season more gory/a different kind of horror. Jarod and I have had some great discussions after each episode. We really liked the slow burn suspense of Seasons 1 & 2, and neither of us liked Season 3 as much. Interested to see where this season goes, especially as it does have a different feel.

We talked a lot about worldbuilding, and how not having everything explained can make a world feel more believable but can then feel jarring if more detail is added later and it doesn’t quite match the mental image you’d built of it. Sabriel is one of my favorite books, but initially when I read the sequels I didn’t like them as much. A lot of it had to do with the way magic worked in that world, and the way the sequels made me visualize that was different than what I pictured in Sabriel. …And then I reread the whole series a year or two ago, in one go, and I loved them all.

Hey, speaking of magic and worldbuilding:

A Deadly Education & The Last Graduate

I read the first one last year and could not put it down. Just re/read them both. Can I make it until September when the third comes out? Debatable.

I love the twist Novik puts on magic high school. It feels really fresh and gritty. Novik’s Spinning Silver and Uprooted were among my favorite reads the last few years (I love fairy tale retellings; Robin McKinley is another favorite author); I think she does a great job with making her narrators feel like distinct people.

The Starless Sea

The Night Circus was my other favorite read of the last few years, and The Starless Sea was equally magical. Highly recommend. The books are an experience.

One Piece

We just started the Skypeia arc. One Piece is a series I avoided for a long time because it’s so long-running that it felt overwhelming, but I’m so glad I gave it a go. It’s so good. ;__; And I was genuinely surprised at how nicely animated it is, given the age of the early episodes.

Fruits Basket

Just started the last season! I read the whole manga ages ago and loved the story (the art also should earn some award for “most improved” over the course of the series) but the original anime didn’t do it justice. This reboot is beautifully animated and emotional, and true to the manga. Dark. All the feels.

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