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My favorite podcast is back! If you haven’t heard of it, The Laura Horn Art Podcast is a great resource for creatives. Laura and her husband Richie chat very candidly about creative topics & challenges and interview guest artists from all over the world with varied experiences/backgrounds. It is such a good listen. They are warm, friendly, open, and so willing to honestly share what they’ve learned. They cover everything from work/life balance to helpful apps & software to art supplies, and more. Laura is an abstract artist and creates gorgeous online classes, so she’s passionate about uplifting and encouraging anyone at any stage of their creative journey.

I’ve been slowly working through two of her classes: Sketchbook Sanctuary and the year-long Creative Blend Art Program. Signing up felt like a big deal to me; I’ve taken a few other online classes and found them disappointing. But Laura’s classes are so. good. They’re beautifully and professionally filmed, are full of content, and are reasonably priced— especially since you get lifetime access. I really appreciate how the classes are broken up into shorter videos. It makes them more accessible when I feel too busy, or when I want to skip around between topics. I’m really glad to be doing them.

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