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I’ve felt a real shift the last few years in my approach to art making. Part of it has been drawing and painting with my kids, letting go of ideas of what a painting has to look like & planning everything to death, and just enjoying making marks & mixing colors. The other part is it has been listening to The Laura Horn Art Podcast and dipping into a few of her classes. I’ve been appreciating abstract art more, both to look at and to make. 

I pulled out some pastels the other day that I’ve had since college and for the first time ever, I wondered what would happen if I got them wet. It turns out, neat stuff happens. I’m trying to get less precious about my supplies; sometimes they feel so expensive that I have to save them for something especially good, but the truth is you never make anything good without practicing and experimenting along the way. 

I’m taking Laura Horn’s Creative Blend Art Program, and in the first module’s interview with Sandi Hester, Sandi mentions that when she gets new supplies in stick form she immediately breaks them in half so that she’s not afraid to use them. I think I physically flinched when I heard that!! 🤣 I do love a perfect crayon. But I can’t stop thinking about it; the more I reflect on it, the more it resonates with me. 

I want to be joyful in how I use my supplies, rather than fearful. I want to be excited about using them, not afraid of wasting them. 

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