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My garden has been getting the bare minimum of attention this month —we went away for a week and came back with a cold, which turned into an ear infection for me— but is still doing great! I harvested the edamame; mini eggplant and carrots are ready pretty much whenever I want any now; cilantro bolted and seeds are drying (coriander). I planted a chunk of a sweet potato that had sprouted in my kitchen and that’s growing like crazy, too.

Purple shiso, cilantro, parsley on left, bare spot from harvesting the edamame, carrots on right. Fun story about the shiso: I seeded a whole row and none came up. This plant sprouted in a crack in my driveway from seeds last year’s plants dropped and I transplanted it to the raised bed. That be gardening.

Gardening has been my dream since we moved into our house five years ago. My first decision was to convert a steep, hard-to-mow bank alongside our driveway from grass to pollinator-friendly wildflowers and plants. It’s… getting there. So I try to give the pollinators some other dedicated offerings every year, like dill and cilantro. I keep mint in a planter so it doesn’t take over.

Black swallowtail caterpillars at different stages on dill and carrots

I’ve really been enjoying cooking with everything! Top left: edamame with onigiri and teriyaki shrimp. Top right: cold veggie salad with roasted carrots, sweet potato, and edamame. Bottom: sliced rainbow carrots

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