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INPRNT is a print-on-demand site that specializes in high quality art prints, cards, and phone cases. For now, I’m just offering prints and cards.

I’m excited about this! I’ve been slow to get prints printed and listed in my own shop, so it’s nice to have them available somewhere and to know the quality is still up to my standards.

Thoughts as a buyer

I bought some prints of my own work (and some other artists I love…) and am so pleased with the quality. Nice, sturdy paper, colors look great.

Packaged very carefully and shipped flat. It took about four days between ordering & shipping, then seven days from shipping til arrival. Pretty standard?

It can be a little hard to decipher the print sizes, especially if you’re trying to fit certain mat and frame sizes. “Each art print is listed by sheet size and features a minimum one-inch border.” For example, I bought my Apple Harvest print in the 12×18”size; the paper is12x18” but the image is only 7.5×16”.

The website is minimal, clean, and easy to browse. Artists have to apply for inclusion, so the overall quality of work on the site feels higher than some other POD options.

Thoughts as an artist/seller

I love how sleek and clean my shop looks!

The upload process is so simple and straightforward. <3 Part of that is because there’s fewer product options. The other print-on-demand site I currently use is Redbubble, and uploading new work there is such a slog as every product needs to be individually fine tuned (unless you always upload at the same size and copy the settings/placement so that they’re always the same).

File requirements are right on the upload page so that you don’t have to go hunt down a Help article every time.

After adding your file, everything is all in one spot and easy to edit.

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