hello, spriggan!

art & curiosities by Leigh Ann Gagnon

Happy 2023! I hope this year is a good one for you. <3

A photograph of a finished calendar laying on top of loose pages showing bits of artwork and text from different months. Each page has a soft brown kraft paper background and the artwork features colorful nature spirits called Spriggans.

A photo comparing the 2023 and birthday editions of the calendars

One of the yearly calendars stands open, demonstrating the built-in chipboard stand that makes it perfect for sitting on a desk or shelf. The calendar is open to the June 2023 page, and the artwork is a watercolour painting of a small pink Spriggan.

I have a limited number of 2023 calendars left! Plus more of the birthday calendars, if you want something you can use year after year.

I shot a very spontaneous video comparing the two versions and showing how the desk stand works. It uhh does not work great with one hand while you try to film with the other, so if you want to see me laugh like a loon go check it out on my Instagram. ( ̄(エ) ̄) I felt a bit silly for not having one prepped ahead of time, but I was trying to get it done quickly while my kids were occupied, and what the hell. I have a hard time putting myself out there on social media so it felt nice to have it at least be authentic!

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