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Hello friends, greetings from the bottom of this very deep hole I’ve wandered into! *waves up at the sunlight*

My dad found a steal of a letterpress at a flea market & gave it to me for Christmas. I have three now, so I think it’s officially a collection. Trying to ID it got me really interested again in the process, so my focus right now is on restoring my biggest press. Inside my brain it’s letterpress everything, all the time now.

Press #1; a wedding gift from my dad in 2012. It belonged to a friend of his who passed away, and my dad got it after trading another friend plants from the greenhouse. Online sleuthing led me to believe it’s a Sigwalt Ideal No. 3 (4×6” chase). It’s in marvelous shape and complete aside from needing new rollers.

Press #2; still in PA at my dad’s. Another flea market find, he gave it to me shortly before we moved to Maryland and I never had a chance to clean it up. If I remember correctly, it’s a Kelsey.

Press #3; Christmas 2022. Probably a Sigwalt Chicago No. 11? It’s in decent shape but missing the chase and rollers.

Sigwalt: Too Good a Press to Let Die?

The National Museum of American History: Printing Presses in the Graphic Arts Collection

Sigwalt Instructions & Catalog

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