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My studio has been a hot mess since day one, and I really thought the problem was moving everything in before I had storage figured out. I don’t think that anymore, I think I just have too much stuff and tried too hard to make the space my everything. I have so much crammed into this room. I wanted it to have all my favorite things on display, in one space that felt “finished” when so much of the house doesn’t, but it just feels overwhelming and cluttered. It is so visually busy. Not many people have seen it, but more than one comment of “I hope you never have to move again” has been made. That can’t be good. :0

I’m working now at organizing the space in a way that makes being there easy and joyful, rather than frustrating. This has meant a lot of sitting and staring around the room. I’m also thinking a lot about how I can move various treasures to other places in the house– these are things I love, and that make me happy to see; I want them sprinkled around in different places so I can encounter them more, in smaller doses, not all in one big mass in one room. One of the Marie Kondo books I read talked about giving things room to breathe, and that resonated with me.

Some of my current goals/tasks:

*I have had this poster for as long as I can remember! It’s by Alton Langford and was an Earth Day foldout poster from Ranger Rick magazine sometime between 1987 and 1992. It hung on the wall of my first bedroom, went with me to college, and is now inside the wardrobe door to protect it from excess sunlight. Langford has got to be one of my greatest influences; Ranger Rick was a staple of my childhood and I was so sad when they made the switch to comic strips for the stories because I loved his illustrations so much…

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