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[From back in March; apparently this saved as a draft instead of posting]

This past weekend we traveled up to PA to visit my dad! The greenhouse is in full swing and set to open in April. The kids had a blast exploring and getting to help drive the scissor lift, and we brought home a small pile of succulents and perennial plugs. There was a dusting of snow, and an epic snowball fight. Gwen bonded with a concrete rabbit statue that is now residing in our garden, eager for spring.

I brought home a stack of boxes that have been in storage— all the extra type, drawers, and furniture that came with my letterpress. There was so much squealing as I realized how much good stuff was in there, now that I know what to look for!

Dad also gave me an early birthday present, yet another miniature Sigwalt. 😀 We also rediscovered the Kelsey that he scored for $25 at a flea market, a Model Q 6×10. That will be next on my list to restore…

I also found a whole box of my etched plates from college and after, and another box of unused plates. Printmaking was something I lived and breathed; it’s really exciting to be getting back to it.

But really. Stuff comes and goes. The best part of the trip was getting to see my dad, watching him play with the kids and take them on walks and scissor lift rides, watching them explore my childhood home.

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