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art & curiosities by Leigh Ann Gagnon

I moved the raised bed and mulched around it; it gets full sun all day and has been much easier to mow around. Currently enjoying a bounty of radishes. 😀

The garden nook under our bedroom window looks spectacular. Earlier this spring I repurposed edging bricks from the backyard and used them to build short walls to break up the space and provide some interest. I moved a wisteria and trellis to the corner, and added in iris and narcissus around it. I also added some stepping stones and moss (the access ports for our oil tank are on one of these walls, so I have to leave a path). I’ve added/moved around a few plants, but for the most part, the plants I put in last year filled in really well!

I’m apparently collecting hosta now! My dad brought me an assortment last year and I’m finding that it’s a plant I really appreciate. A nice, tidy shape overall; big leaves with good colors and texture (a mix of flat shapes, curving lines, and deep shadows under the leaves) to offset other plants, especially those with lacey or cut leaves; purple flowers on taller spikes so you get that vertical line contrasting with the round shape…. They’ve been forgiving of the dry weather, as well. Love it all.

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