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art & curiosities by Leigh Ann Gagnon

We spent last weekend in the Poconos; we rented a house with Jarod’s three brothers, their wives, and all our kids. It was wonderful. We didn’t get out much, the weather wasn’t very cooperative, it poured all day Sunday and we just stayed inside and played games.

It made me realize how long it’s been since we’ve had a really relaxing vacation or break. I feel so much calmer now that we’re back home, and I’m working on some sewing projects as well as artwork.

I’m a pretty apathetic sewer. I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own clothes, and I do like getting to wear the end result, but I also find sewing very frustrating?

I have a few wrap skirts that I’ve had for 15-20 years that no longer fit with enough excess fabric to wrap around; I sewed up the sides most of the way, and they are now perfect. Bam, three skirts.

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