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Life stuff:

  • Gwen is 3! She loves Gabby’s Dollhouse, Octonauts, and Bluey. She loves to sing and dance, and I keep finding her using tall plant/flower stems outside as “microphones” to sing into. 😂 She is so sweet and affectionate, curious and brave.

  • Griffin started kindergarten this week! He’s liking it so far; his teachers seem very nice (they had an open house the week before, so we got to explore his classroom and meet his main teacher as well as art, music, library, etc). It’s been a big adjustment, and he made it three days before having to stay home sick. XD

  • Gwen was heartbroken the first day he was gone, but is adjusting very nicely to having me to herself during the day. 😉

  • My dad is helping me fix our front step, and we’re still working on two bathrooms. (I got the toilet in the half bath working last month, but still no sink: there’s a vent pipe in the wall that is being problematic…) It’s pure fucking chaos here, friends.

  • My garden has officially gotten away from me. The zucchini ran rampant and took over, morning glories sprouted (thanks birds) and finished the job. There’s still edamame to harvest, somewhere in there, but the easiest thing at this point may be to cut it all down and start over with some fall crops! I planted a second round of radishes in a separate planter and can now recommend Mini Mak and Bravo in addition to Easter Egg II. (got my seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds)

  • The zucchini has been fabulous though! My dad, who grew up on a produce farm, has informed me that I am picking them way too large, but honestly they have been delicious so I am not fussed about this. For the stupidly large ones, I just scoop out the seeds. The flavor has still been amazing. Recommended seasoning: salt, pepper, chili powder + flour. I’ve done them pan fried with either a coating of flour, or by making a thin batter by adding egg and milk, and they are divine. Oh, bonus method: Coat thick slices and cook through most of the way, then sprinkle with grated parmesan and cook briefly on each side till the cheese is golden. YUM

  • One Piece, live action: We’ve watched the first three episodes and are really liking it! The snail phones made us both laugh so hard. 😀 Jarod and I have talked a lot over the years about what makes a good adaptation, and are firmly on the side of, it doesn’t have to match the source material exactly to be good; it’s so much more important that it it’s a good retelling on its own.* There’s always going to be things that get changed, or left out. So far we’re really liking the casting for One Piece, because while the anime/manga are goofy as hell, the characters have so much heart, and those emotional moments are such good balance to the weirdness. It feels like they kept to those personalities. <3

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