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I’m Leigh Ann Gagnon. I’m an artist who has always had trouble doing “just one thing,” but my biggest loves are plants and nature, and watercolour painting. In 2013, those interests intersected in a really special way when I drew a handful of bog sprites for my dad’s birthday. These early creatures bear almost no resemblance to the ones I create now, but it was like it unlocked a tiny door in my heart and soul. I had struggled for so long with this feeling that I needed to make art, but that I didn’t have anything interesting to say and that my images would never resonate with anyone else.

My dad has a greenhouse, and my mom is an artist. I spent a lot of time reading and playing outside as a child; I worked in the greenhouse; we spent days away at state forests, and as a teenager & adult I got to travel. These connections to plants, imagination, wild spaces, and painting have been formative for me, and painting Spriggans is how it all coalesced. 

I painted my first “real” Spriggans in late 2013-early 2014! They have been such a source of joy and inspiration to me since. I love getting to explore the world my Sprigs inhabit– the forest floor, forgotten corners of gardens, the crooked tree roots that I used to build fairy houses in as a child… I love these little nature spirits. Painting them brings me happiness, and I hope they do the same for you.

More about me

I live in Maryland, USA with my husband, two kids, and two cats.

Hobbies: gardening, baking, weaving, reading, learning Cymraeg (Welsh)

Five random facts about me:

  1. I got to pet and feed red pandas (and one even sat on my shoulder)!!
  2. My favorite flowers are apple and crabapple blossoms.
  3. I collect animal skulls (mostly ones I’ve found myself).
  4. When I worked in my dad’s greenhouse, I grew all the herbs; my last year there I grew a personal record of 150 varieties!
  5. I studied abroad for a semester in New Zealand; one of my favorite memories is of walking the Queen Charlotte Track (a multi-day, 45 mile hike) with a good friend.

More places to find me:


LeighAnnGagnon.com — my portfolio & blog


  • hello, spriggan! — main account where I share my work  
  • spriggan likes — account where I reblog art and other things that I like. I follow so many amazing artists, aah
  • feather & fen — photography


Pinterest — where I hoard images, like a small greedy dragon. Also working on a “Bookshelf” board with my collection of art/reference books and the books I’ve read this year :3


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hello, spriggan!

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