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Going back to older artwork

My project the last few weeks has been designing gift tags. I’m in love with how they’re turning out, but had a moment where I realized how old some of the artwork was. Let’s talk about that! There’s such a push on social media to be constantly making new things, all the time, as fast […]

Letterpress Rabbithole

Hello friends, greetings from the bottom of this very deep hole I’ve wandered into! *waves up at the sunlight* My dad found a steal of a letterpress at a flea market & gave it to me for Christmas. I have three now, so I think it’s officially a collection. Trying to ID it got me […]


October went so fast! My goal was to work every day on artwork for a calendar. I ultimately wasn’t able to do every day (a lot of migraines this month, and other responsibilities) but I made a lot of progress, was consistent about drawing when I did feel well, and am really happy with that! […]