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More garden pics

It’s been sooo dry, and then we had a week straight of gentle rain. The plants are loving it and had a real growth spurt, so I thought I’d share more. 🙂 In planters: Tomatoes Eggplant ‘Patio Baby’ Bell Pepper, Lilac All the herbs and salad greens: Sorrel, shiso, cilantro, parsley, burnet, lovage, spearmint, peppermint […]

June garden thoughts

I moved the raised bed and mulched around it; it gets full sun all day and has been much easier to mow around. Currently enjoying a bounty of radishes. 😀 The garden nook under our bedroom window looks spectacular. Earlier this spring I repurposed edging bricks from the backyard and used them to build short […]

End of the season

We had our first light frosts this week and the garden is looking about done! The days have been cool and lovely, and I’ve been scurrying around trying to get my last few perennials planted. I’m also scattering wildflower seed so that it comes up first thing in the spring. Hosta, foxglove, ferns, bleeding heart, […]