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Life stuff: Gwen is 3! She loves Gabby’s Dollhouse, Octonauts, and Bluey. She loves to sing and dance, and I keep finding her using tall plant/flower stems outside as “microphones” to sing into. 😂 She is so sweet and affectionate, curious and brave. Griffin started kindergarten this week! He’s liking it so far; his teachers […]

Griffin is 5!

ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ It’s fine. It’s good. Seriously though, this kid! He is smart, funny, kind, thoughtful. Challenging, sometimes; he’s very different to how I was as a kid. Being his mom is such a privilege and adventure. He’s starting kindergarten next month. aaaaAAAAAAaa Likes: Minecraft, LEGO, Spider-Man, math/numbers, art Dislikes: most vegetables; different foods […]


We spent last weekend in the Poconos; we rented a house with Jarod’s three brothers, their wives, and all our kids. It was wonderful. We didn’t get out much, the weather wasn’t very cooperative, it poured all day Sunday and we just stayed inside and played games. It made me realize how long it’s been […]

Treasures of all sorts

[From back in March; apparently this saved as a draft instead of posting] This past weekend we traveled up to PA to visit my dad! The greenhouse is in full swing and set to open in April. The kids had a blast exploring and getting to help drive the scissor lift, and we brought home […]

The year ahead

This has been a challenging month, I wasn’t feeling very inspired or creative. Traveled for New Years; Covid boosters for all; husband bringing work home; sick kids; it’s just felt like a slog. Looking back at my 2022 sketchbooks helped with that, and I’m more excited now for the year ahead! Art is a reprieve […]

The year behind

I’m really proud of all I got done this year! I filled the equivalent of three sketchbooks. I drew Spriggans, pretty girls, flowers, and painted abstract watercolors. I designed my first wooden pin & keychain, and had foil printed postcards made for the first time. I also came up with some new sticker, greeting card, […]

Garden: July/August

My garden has been getting the bare minimum of attention this month —we went away for a week and came back with a cold, which turned into an ear infection for me— but is still doing great! I harvested the edamame; mini eggplant and carrots are ready pretty much whenever I want any now; cilantro […]

INPRNT shop open!

INPRNT is a print-on-demand site that specializes in high quality art prints, cards, and phone cases. For now, I’m just offering prints and cards. I’m excited about this! I’ve been slow to get prints printed and listed in my own shop, so it’s nice to have them available somewhere and to know the quality is […]

June garden stuff

We put up a 4×8’ raised bed for growing veggies this year and it’s been so awesome! I’ve already harvested the first batch of radishes and am going to start another crop this week. A few stand-out varieties: Easter Egg radishes: They only took 3 weeks to grow & could be sown thickly/thinned out as […]

June: Book & TV Recap (No spoilers)

Taskmaster This is our go-to most nights. Hilarious! Stranger Things, Season 4 Episodes 1-4 We’re slowly working our way through! Finding this season more gory/a different kind of horror. Jarod and I have had some great discussions after each episode. We really liked the slow burn suspense of Seasons 1 & 2, and neither of […]

Happy Spring!

Hello all! 。◕ ‿ ◕。 It’s definitely Spring here in Maryland. Our lawn is a riot of blooming violets, ajuga, dandelions, lamium, potentilla, and more. I’ve been taking tons of photos to use as reference later for Spriggan paintings; it’s a time of year that they just love. I’ve got a pile of seeds ready […]

Website revamp (but like, it’s more than that)

I started the year off with a lot of creative energy but have really found myself struggling to maintain it. My tendency when I start getting depressed or overwhelmed is to clean and organize; sometimes it’s a distraction from what I really need (more creative outlets), and sometimes it is absolutely necessary so that I […]