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Feel-Good Pocket Spriggans

Introducing the Feel-Good Pocket Spriggan, created to make you or a loved one feel pretty darn awesome! About the size of a matchbox, and with the option of personalized messages, it’s a great size to display or to carry with you for whenever you need a smile or encouraging word. <3

Some features:

  • Kraft slip cover that highlights the interior scenery line art

  • Interior box features a watercolour forest floor illustration that wraps around the whole box, inside and out

  • Four Spriggans to choose from (or let me surprise you)

  • Spriggan and message are on their own layer for added effect!

  • Personalize with a short message or compliment! We all need some love and encouragement and this Spriggan is here to tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Some message ideas:

  • You can do the thing!

  • You’re doing great!

  • I love you!

  • Things will get better!

Also great for holidays, birthdays, special events~ Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Birthday; perfect for including with (or replacing) a get well or sympathy card

*:・゚✧ When I was designing this, I asked people for suggestions on what phrases they might like to hear. I was hoping to come up with a list of messages that could apply to anyone. I got so many wonderful suggestions that it made me realize everyone needs something a little different, and you know what you or your intended recipient might need to hear most. So— I’m offering complete personalization for this! The box is very small, so it’s best to keep your message brief so that it’s more readable. If you’re unsure if it will fit, email me!! ✧・゚: *

Technical info:

  • 1.5” wide, 2” tall, .5” deep

  • Printed on cardstock with all bits thoroughly glued down

  • Interior box is several layers thick on the sides & quite sturdy

  • Stands up on its own for easy display

  • Ships in a small gift box for extra protection


Choose your message

Choose one of the messages pictured, or personalize with your own! Messages around 3-7 words fit best.

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