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End of the season

We had our first light frosts this week and the garden is looking about done! The days have been cool and lovely, and I’ve been scurrying around trying to get my last few perennials planted. I’m also scattering wildflower seed so that it comes up first thing in the spring. Hosta, foxglove, ferns, bleeding heart, […]

Garden: July/August

My garden has been getting the bare minimum of attention this month —we went away for a week and came back with a cold, which turned into an ear infection for me— but is still doing great! I harvested the edamame; mini eggplant and carrots are ready pretty much whenever I want any now; cilantro […]

June garden stuff

We put up a 4×8’ raised bed for growing veggies this year and it’s been so awesome! I’ve already harvested the first batch of radishes and am going to start another crop this week. A few stand-out varieties: Easter Egg radishes: They only took 3 weeks to grow & could be sown thickly/thinned out as […]